Our values

In order to protect and preserve our great legacy, it is essential that zoos and alike organisms engage in the values of conservation, education and investigation.

Conservation cannot only be a concept or a consideration; conservation must be a project that turns concepts into actions, using the tools available. It is a commitment that regulates the decision of which animals shall form the collection of a zoo and why; a commitment to encourage the construction of exhibits that make appropriate homes for the animals; to build a meaningful and sustainable mission, from our own community and toward those remote animal populations that are struggling to survive.

The only way that we can do something relevant for a species is through investigation, through the knowledge of the species and of its situation in the world. The sciences provide us data to help us understand the needs of the animals, increasing the responsibilities of the caregivers in the provision of the animals welfare, and reporting the cases in which it is necessary to set up reproduction and conservation programs with the existing captive populations.

Alongside this is the key value of education and awareness. Our animals are ambassadors of their species, and they play a crucial role in inspiring people in being sensible of the crisis that many of these species are facing in the wild and of the solutions that are within reach. Thus it is our duty as well to inform our visitors and specially to educate the little ones in the values that shall help them grow into good managers of their legacy.