Every conservation effort demands education. We all need to be aware of the state of our world and the species that live in it. But it is particularly important that the little ones acquire this knowledge and grow to become good managers of their legacy. It would be of very little use to work for a better natural world if the following generations are not able to make it endure.

How does Río Safari Elche take part in the education of its guests?

By means of several activities that our guests can participate in during their visit at the zoo, we provide information not only about the biology of each species, but also about their conservation status. One of our priorities is to pass along the crucial message that extinction rate is much higher than we could expect. The major cause of this is man’s action, and man is the only one who can save these endangered species.

Indeed, the final message we hope our guests will appreciate is that we can still make a difference. We can do our part, by recycling, by being aware of the origin of the products we buy every day…, even by visiting the zoo. One of our missions is to make these actions occur and for them to be meaningful.