You will find us in the road that communicates Elche and Santa Pola (CV-865), 9km away from Elche and 4km from Santa Pola. Once you get to one of those towns, go to the opposite and you will easily spot us.

- If you are coming from Torrevieja: You can drive by the road N-332, heading to Alicante. You have to exit the road at Santa Pola. This exit leads to a big roundabout (Cepsa petrol station on the right); on this roundabout take the third exit (to Elche). Then go all straight and in five minutes you will reach Río Safari Elche.

- If you are coming from Murcia: You can drive by the highway AP-7, which converges in A-7. Once there, your exit is 523 – Elche oeste. This exit ends in an urban road where you will see auto dealerships and great supermarkets on your right (Carrefour, Media Markt…). At the next light, turn right (CV 84 Santa Pola/Alacant). You will see a great supermarket called ‘El Corte Inglés’ on the right; on that roundabout, take thefirst exit, heading to Santa Pola. From there on, you just need to follow the indications of Santa Pola or Safari/Zoo. The last roundabout indicates Santa Pola CV 865 on the right. Take that exit. That is the road in which you will find Río Safari Elche. Drive 11km and you will see the entrance to the zoo.

- If you are coming from Albacete: The easiest way, if you come from A-31, is that you join the highway A-7 (Elche-Murcia) and that you take the exit Airport (aeropuerto)/Santa Pola. This exit will lead you to the road N-332, and you will reach Santa Pola in a few minutes. You will arrive at a restaurant called ‘Venta Vista Alegre’ on your right, and right there you will see an indication to Elche to the right. Take that exit and, in the roundabout, take the first exit, to the right, heading to Elche. Go straight on for some minutes until you see the entry to Río Safari Elche.

- If you are coming from Valencia or Alicante: The shortest route is to get the highway A-7 heading to Alicante and to take the exit ‘Aeropuerto’ (airport), direction Santa Pola. You will converge in the road N-332, and later you will head to Elche, as explained right above. The problem with this route is that in summer it usually has a lot of traffic. If you wish, you can continue in A-7 until the exit 523 (Elche oeste), exit there, and bypass Elche until you get to the road that connects with Santa Pola (CV-865). Down that road, 9km, is Río Safari Elche. This way is also explained in more detail above (‘If you come from Murcia’).