Cueva reptiles rio safariWelcome to the den of hundreds of reptiles and amphibians, a rock shelter where the most hidden ecosystems have been recreated. Join the adventure of discovering caimans, snakes, chamaleons, bats… and many more! This great cave is also ecologic, it is solar powered.


Templo tigres rio safari

An impenetrable territory surrounded by water holds the amazing Bengal tigers. It used to be considered the second largest tiger subspecis, after the Siberian tiger, but recent studies suggest that Bengal tigers might actually go first. The splendor of this animal is indeed unique.


Isla primates rio safari

Our chimpanzees live in this 1000m² open-air island, the furniture of which is formed by big natural trunks, lianas and hammocks. The indoor facility can also be visited. It is connected to the island through a bridge that remains open, so our chimps can decide on whether to be outside or inside.


Sabana Africana Lama y David Rio Safari

This recently opened area holds several giraffe individuals, living together with other animals typical of the savannah. There exist nine giraffe subspecies and they are distinguished by their coat patterns. At Río Safari Elche you can see two different subspecies: the reticulate giraffe and the Angolan giraffe.


Cocodrilo rio safari

Crocoland is the great North American alligators’ exhibit. The alligator is one of the very few reptiles that have a “voice”; they can make terrifying grunting, roaring sounds. On the day of your visit, if you have the chance, you do not want to miss the feeding time of these formidable reptiles!


Granja educativa Rio Safari

Zoos are only for wild animals? Think again! Let us take this opportunity to showcase the importance of the role of farms in our lives. Also, during the school period this educative farm receives hundreds of school trips, where the children can get the chance to participate in a ‘Farmer’s job’ workshop.