If you are planning a group trip to Río Safari Elche, check out our options:

- You can choose the complete visit to the zoo, where you can hike around all the exhibits, stop on by for the fun, educative shows, and also take an expeditionary tour by train.

- You can hire an instructor to guide your group and show you the way to all the activities. The price for one instructor is 50€. We recommend one instructor for every ten kids aged from 3 to 5, or one for every 20 kids aged over 5. However, we leave this up to your choice.

- We also have complementary activities available, such as workshops, in which the students get involved in the animals’ caregivers routine. The three workshops available are: ‘A farmer’s work’, ‘Behavioral enrichment with primates’ and ‘Sea lions trainer’. The prize is 3€ per child and workshop.

- Bus service avaliable. Request a budget without compromise.

visita colegio Rio Safari