Re-opening June 15th

What should I know before visiting Rio Safari Elche?




How can I get my tickets?


You can buy tickets online or at our ticket box at the zoo. Our ticket box will be operating normally.


Will there be limited capacity? How are you going to keep control?


Yes, we are currently limited to 50% of our full guest capacity. We will monitor our capacity through our tickets sale system. We strongly encourage visitors to call before visiting and we will do our best to give you advice on the influx of people expected. Call us on +34966638288.


Is there any available discount?


There is a 4€ discount per person available for download on the front page of our website. You do not have to bring it in print, it is just an image you click on and show on your screen when puchasing your tickets at the zoo ticket box. Discounts will not be redeemed after purchase. (If you buy tickets online, this discount will automatically be applied.)


If I buy tickets online, will I avoid queues?


We do not have a separate entrance for online tickets. If you get your tickets online you will avoid the buying queue, but you will still have to go through the admission line.


I am an anual member. Are there any changes to my membership?


All anual passes that were valid during the state of alarm will have three more months added to their time, equaling the time the zoo was closed. In the cases of the passess that expired during the course of the state of alarm, they will have the same amount of time added in proportion. For exmple, if an annual pass expired on April 15th, this member will have one more month added after the re-opening, that is, it will be valid until July 15th.


As a member, can I visit whenever I want?


Although members can visit, we do ask that you pre-book in advance. You won’t be asked to pay anything on top, just that you let us know when you will be visiting, by calling or emailing us and receiving our confirmation. This is important due to our limitation in guest capacity. By helping us anticipating how much public we shall be attending on a given day, you help us stay organized and provide a better, safer service for all.


I have a special disount/free ticket, whan can I use it?


Special disocunts (that is, anything that is a discount that is NOT our 4€ coupon) or free tickets require pre-booking. For now and until further notice, we will not admit special discounts or free tickets unless you have pre-booked in advance. You can do this by writing us on or calling us on +34966638288.


Which activities will be included in the visit to the zoo?


The visit to the zoo will include the train ride, as well as the sea lions exhibition. The educator/keeper talks will not be available for now.


Will the Splash Park be open too?


The Splash Park or water area will not be opening at the same time as the zoo. It will take a few more days to get ready. Please stay tuned and we will inform about news as soon as possible. Please remember admission to the water area has a 6€ supplementary price on top of the zoo admission ticket and cannot be accessed independently. Splash Park admission tickets can only be bought at our ticket box. Entrance to water area must be paid, regardless of intention of use of the pools.


Is there a special price for groups?


Groups are not admitted at the moment. Please visit only with your household members.


Can I bring my own picnic lunchbox?


Yes, but picnic areas inside the zoo and the water Splash Park will remain closed for now. There is a picnic area available right outside zoo premises.


Will there be food catering?


Yes. Not all our restaurant services will be open from the beginning, but there will definitely be kiosks where guests can have hamburgers, grilled paninis, snacks, drinks, ice-creams and coffee.


Is the use of face-mask required?


On the basis of current national sanitary recommendations for Covid-19 prevention, the use of face mask is recommended and it is compulsory wherever it is not possible to maintain a security distance from others.


What precautions am I expected to take when visiting Rio Safari Elche?


Please, have a look a this video before visiting and follow our recommendations.