Orangután de Borneo, Río Safari Elche

The essential role of zoos in modern societies can be summarized in one sentence:


extinction is forever


Wild animal populations require habitats and ecosystems able to provide the elements of food, water, space, shelter, necessary for life, and also which constitute a reserve of resources for today and for the future of their progeny. But in today’s world, these conditions are more and more reduced every day.

Eradication of species is a reality in our time. As human population increases at iexponential rates so does the encroachment on natural habitats. Habitats are thus lost, and so are the resources on which the life of many animals depend, and human invasion decrease the space available for the development of animal wildlife, pushing them to live in very small areas, where genetic diversity is compromised, annulling the sustainability of the species in the long term.

Thereby, zoos take on the responsibility of carrying out international programs for the conservation, reproduction and management of animal populations in captivity, toward the conservation of species.

Hence a visit to the zoo may certainly mean many things to many different people, like connecting with nature, creating relevant memories with your loved ones, or seeing your kids play safe, but it is the stories, the stories under the surface, what weave together and give meaning to our mission.

These stories are worth telling and they inspire the sensitiveness and support of individuals and communities.